Rainmail Server User Guide
View Tasklist

When a user clicks on the Tasks tab to access Rainmail's Tasks module, the following screen appears.

The table below provides details of the features available in the Tasks module.

Sl. No. 
Indicated by 
Detailed Description 
Red Oval 
Add task 
The Add button is used to create a new task. For detailed instructions to create a task refer to Create Task 
Yellow Oval 
Delete task 
To delete a task:
  1. Click on the task name and
  2. Click on Delete
  3. The following message pops up
  1. Click Ok
  2. The selected task is deleted from the task list
Green Oval 
Click on Administration to grant permissions to other users or groups, import and export Task lists. For detailed instructions refer to Export and Import Tasklist, Share Tasklist 
Black Oval 
View Tasks 
Rainmail, by default displays all Active tasks of the user. Users can choose to view tasks that are Due in seven days, Overdue, Incomplete tasks, Completed tasks, Future Tasks, or All tasks by clicking on the corresponding radio button. 
Pink Oval 
Quick Add bar 
Users can quickly create a new task using this tool. Refer to section on Create Task for detailed instructions 
Blue Oval 
Task name 
  • Click on a Task name to preview the details of the task in the right hand side panel
  • Double-click on a Task name to edit a task
  • Click on the check box next to a Task name to mark the task as Completed
  • Tasks due on the current date and overdue tasks are displayed in red
Brown Oval 
The list of user defined categories is displayed here. Users can define/create categories to classify and store tasks.
  • To define categories refer to section on Task-Categories
  • Click on the check box next to a category name to view tasks filed under that category
Indigo Oval 
All the usernames who's Tasklist you have permission to access are displayed here. Check the check box against the Username to view the Tasklist of that user.
Checking multiple boxes displays the Tasklists of the selected users 
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