Rainmail Server User Guide
Share Tasklist

Users can share Tasklists with Authorized users and/or groups as follows:

  1. On your Rainmail Tasks module homepage, Click on Administration (indicated by the red oval) button

  1. The Settings screen appears. Double click on your Username

  1. The Tasklist dialog pops up. Click on Permissions tab (indicated by the red oval)

  1. The list of Authorized groups and Authorized users is displayed. This menu can be used to share/revoke permissions to/from other users and groups. To share a Tasklist with a group, click on Add (indicated by the red oval) button under Authorized groups else to share with a user click on Add (indicated by the red oval) button under Authorized users

  1. The Please Select... dialog appears. Select the Username/Groupname

  1. Click Ok
  2. The selected user/group is added to the list of Authorized users/groups. Rainmail, by default, provides Read only permission. To change permission level to Read and Create only, Write, Write and Delete or Manage, double click on Read only (indicated by the red oval)

  1. A drop down list appears. Select the applicable level of permission

  1. Click Ok
  2. Click on Close to close the dialog
  3. You have successfully shared your Tasklist with another user/group

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