Rainmail Server User Guide
Registering your account

Once installed, user has to register the Rainmail account in the chat client before using the facility. User account can be registered in Chat client as follows:

  1. Run the chat client by double clicking on the Pidgin Desktop icon

  1. If the Desktop icon does not exist, you can go to Start -> All Programs -> Pidgin and launch the chat client. Once launched, it will bring up the following window.

  1. Click on Add button. That will bring up the following dialog:

  1. Select XMPP in the Protocol: field.
  2. Enter the Rainmail Account name in Username: field (indicated by the blue oval)
  3. Enter the full host name of Rainmail Server in the Domain: field (indicated by the red oval). The full host name will be of the form demo.carizen.in. This detail can be obtained from your Rainmail Administrator.
  4. Enter the Rainmail Account password in Password: field.
  5. Check Remember password box.
  6. Click on the Advanced tab. That will bring up the following dialog

  1. From the drop down box next to Connection security:, select Use encryption if available.
  2. Check Allow plaintext auth over unencrypted streams. Click on Add button.
  3. The configuration is now complete and the system will log you in. Once logged in, the following window will be seen.

  1. Users will need to add contacts before being able to Chat/send instant messages.
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