Rainmail Server User Guide
Regional Settings

The Regional Settings tab provides options to choose language, date and time-zones, number formats and separators for Import/Export. 

When a user clicks on Settings,the Regional Settings screen appears (as shown below).

The table below lists the setting options

Sl. No. 
Indicated by 
Detailed Description 
Red Oval 
Click on the drop-down box to select the language settings for your Rainmail Webmail interface 
Green Oval 
Click on the drop down box to select the time zone according your geographical coordinates 
Yellow Oval 
Date Format 
Choose the format in which date has to be displayed 
Indigo Oval 
Time Format 
Choose the format in which time has to be displayed
(12 hr or 24 hr format) 
Purple Oval 
First weekday 
Use the drop-down box to select the first weekday (Monday or Sunday). Based on the choice, the Calendar view displays from Sunday-Saturday or Monday-Sunday 
Gray Oval 
Number format 
The default format for Number and Currency settings is shown. Use the edit box provided to make any changes 
Yellow Oval 
By default, the list and text separators (the character used to separate the variables in a file) used when importing/exporting Calendar, Contacts or Task files are ";" and """. Use the edit boxes provided to make any changes 
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