Rainmail Server User Guide
Proxy - Introduction

Rainmail Server has a Proxy module. When implemented, users can connect to the Internet by enabling proxy settings in their Internet browser (Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome). Rainmail Proxy allows multiple users to share a single Internet connection and also provides a way for Administrators to monitor and if required restrict, Internet access. 

Rainmail Server supports Auto as well as Manual Proxy configuration. In Auto configuration, the browser automatically detects Proxy settings. Auto configuration works based on DNS and Rainmail Server needs to be specified as DNS Server for the client PC. For manual configurations, the following parameter can be used:

Proxy Server IP address 
Rainmail Server IP address (obtained using Get User Profile from Email address
Port Number 

In the following sections, you will see how to configure Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers to use Rainmail Proxy Server

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