Rainmail Server User Guide
Personal Information

The first section in User Preference pertains to personal and local information (as shown below):

In this section, a user can set the following values

Web mail support many International languages including English. When changed, the Web mail menus and all messages appear in the specified language. 
TimeZone offset 
This setting specifies the time zone the user is in. The zone is specified as an offset from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). 
Daylight Savings Time 
If user is in one of the countries that adopt Daylight Savings Time, the same can be specified here. 
User can use multiple From email addresses. This is useful for consolidating all email addresses in a single place. The default From email address is specified in this list box. New From addresses can be added by clicking on the icon next to the List box. 
Reply To 
This field specifies the default Reply address. When a recipient replies to the email, the To address will appear as the Reply To address specified in here. Please note that From address and Reply To address can be different. 
User can specify a text in the Signature field. This text will be added to the end of every email sent by user. Email signature can have a maximum of 500 characters. 
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