Rainmail Server User Guide
Message Replying Options

Message Replying options control Web mail behavior when user replies to a received email.

The following tables explains the above options in detail.

Detailed Description 
Message Format 
This option specified the default message format to be used when replying to an email. If Auto Selected, the reply format will be based on the original email. 
Size for mail edit area 
This gives the size of the edit Window where body of the email will be composed. 
Send button position 
This option specifies where to display the Send button. The button can either be displayed above the message area, below the message area or at both the locations. 
Reparagraph message before reply 
Specifies whether the original email has to be reparagraphed and included in the replied email. 
Reply with original message 
This option specifies whether the original email must be included in the Reply email and if so, at what location. Possible choices are:
  1. at Beginning The reply email includes the original email at beginning of reply.
  2. at End The reply email includes the original email at end of reply.
  3. None The reply email will not include the original email.
Automatic CC 
If this option is specified, a copy of all emails sent automatically get Copied to the ID specified in here. 
Backup outgoing message to SENT folder 
If this option is specified, Copy of all outgoing emails is automatically stored in the Sent Folder. 
Charset for outgoing message 
This option specifies the character set to be used when replying to emails. 
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