Rainmail Server User Guide
Message Reading Options

Message reading options guide the actions of Webmail when an user opens an email for reading.

The following table describes the above options:

Controlbar position in message reading 
Specifies the control bar position when reading an email. By default the control bar is above the email being read. 
Default Headers 
By default, only the basic headers (From, To, Subject, Date, etc.) of an email are displayed. This option can be used to display all the headers of an email. 
Read with message charset 
When this option is checked, Web mail displays the message in the Charset specified in the email. 
Use fixed font width 
This option makes Web mail display the email using a Fixed width font. 
Use smiley images 
When this options is selected, set of characters corresponding to a smiley (e.g., :-)) are displayed as the image corresponding to the character. 
Show HTML message as plain text 
When this option is selected, HTML messages without the formatting, just as plain text. 
Show image attachment as link 
By default, images attached in an email are displayed in the email itself. If this option is chosen, images are shown as another link (like other types of attachments). In this case, users have to download the image from the link to view. 
Disable JavaScript inside message 
If this option is selected, JavaScript inside emails are ignored. 
Disable embed/object/applet tag inside message 
If this option is selected, embedded objects/applets inside emails are ignored. 
Disable embedded links inside message 
If All embedded URLs is selected, Web mai ignores all Embedded links inside images (does not follow the link). If CGI Only is selected, Web mail ignores only embedded CGI links. 
Send 'confirm reading' receipt 
This option guides Web mail behavior when the sender has asked for a Read Receipt.
  1. Ask to confirm This option makes the Web mail put up a dialog whenever an email asking for Read receipt is received. The user can then either cancel sending Read receipt or accept sending the same.
  2. Yes This option makes the Web mail always send the Read receipt.
  3. No This option makes the Web mail always ignore the read receipts.
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