Rainmail Server User Guide
Message Listing

Message Listing area has options that control how emails in the folders are displayed.

Detailed description of the options is given in the following table:

Control bar position 
Controlbar position in messages list: option specifies where the Control bar (containing Quick Search, Page List, Move, Copy buttons) is displayed. By default it is displayed above the message listing and can be made to display at the bottom by changing this option. 
Messages per page 
This option controls how many messages get displayed per page. 
Field Order 
This option specifies the column order of the messages. 
Default Sort 
This option specifies how the emails are displayed. By default they are sorted by Date (newest first) and displayed. 
Display mini search icon 
This option specifies whether to display the mini search icon. If displayed, user can click on icon and Web mail will search for emails with similar subject and display them. 
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