Rainmail Server User Guide
Mail Search

Rainmail Web mail provides an advanced search facility. using this facility users can search for emails based on various parameters like

  • Folders
  • Date range
  • Subject
  • From
  • To
  • Header
  • Text content, and
  • Attachment file name

In this section, we will give instructions on the

  1. Advanced Search facility can be invoked by clicking on the Advanced Search icon in the icon bar (as highlighted in the Red Square below):

  1. That will bring up the following Window:

  1. In the window above, user can specify various search parameters. In the table below, we will explain the parameters:
Sl. No. 
Detailed Description 
Red Oval 
This section can be used to specify in which folders to search. TO include a folder in the search, check on the box next to the folder name.
  • All folders can be selected by checking the box next to Select Folder.
  • All folders can be de-selected by unchecking the box next to Select Folder.
Black Oval 
Date range 
Emails can be searched on a date basis (e.g., emails received between 1-1-2000 and 1-1-2001). For searching based on date, select the dates next to Start and end. The dates should be specified in MM/DD/YYYY format. 
Green Oval 
Email field 
Emails can be searched based on following fields:
  1. From
  2. To
  3. Subject
  4. Date
  5. Attachment File name
  6. Text Content
  7. Header
The field to be searched on can be selected from the Where List box. 
Brown Oval 
Type of match 
Email fields can be matched against a string in following ways:
  1. Field contains text.
  2. Field does not contain text
  3. Field is text (exact match)
  4. Field is not text (not exact match)
  5. Starts with text
  6. Ends with text
  7. Matches with Regular expression.
User can choose the method to match using Type of search list box. 
Blue Oval 
Text to Search 
User can enter the pattern/text to be searched for in Text to search list box. 
  1. Multiple search conditions can be put in and in that case, emails matching all the conditions are displayed.
  2. After entering all the parameters, user can initiate the search by clicking on Search button.
  3. Rainmail Web mail searches based on the specified criteria and display all emails that match the same.
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