Rainmail Server User Guide
Mail Folders

Rainmail Web mail client allows users to have multiple folders and organize emails into these folders. In this section, we will look at various features available with Folders.

  1. User can click on the Folders icon (highlighted in the image below) to see the list of folders.

  1. That will display the Folder page with list of folders and their details (as follows):

  1. We will look at various features of Folder in the following table:
Sl. No. 
Detailed Description 
Add Folder 
Users can create custom new folders as follows:
  1. Enter name of the new folder to be created in Folder Name edit box (highlighted by Red Oval). The folder name can have a maximum of 32 characters.
  2. Click on Add button (Highlighted by Green Oval).
  3. That will add a new empty folder with given name.
Folder Properties 
All user created folders are displayed first. The default folders (created by system) are displayed last. Against each folder, the following folder properties are displayed:
  1. New Shows the number of new messages in the folder.
  2. Mesg Shows the total number of messages in the folder.
  3. Size Shows the total size of emails in the folder.
Folder Actions 
Here we will see the activities an user can do on the folders:
  1. Download folders for backup. Users can download the full contents of a folder by clicking on the Floppy icon next to folder (indicated by a Blue Oval).
  2. Mark as read User can mark all emails in a folder as Read by clicking on the MarkRead button next to the folder.
  3. Rename a folder User can rename a folder by clicking on the Rename button and providing a new name for the folder.
  4. Delete a folder User can delete a folder by clicking on the Delete button next to the folder. Please note that this operation is not reversible and the folder emails will be lost for ever.
  5. Re index the folder If the system is given more load than it is designed for, users may face folder corruption. In this case, the emails will still be present, but the user cannot see them. User can fix the problem by clicking on the Reindex button next to the folder.
Folder Summary 
Web mail also displays the total of the individual Properties (like Size, new, Messages, etc.) in the last row of Folders page. 


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