Rainmail Server User Guide
Look & Feel Settings

Click on the Look & Feel tab to customize general appearance and display settings. The following screen appears.

The table below summarizes the options:

Sl. No. 
Indicated by 
Detailed Description 
Red Oval 
Two themes are available for display settings, default and ExtJS. Click on the drop down box and select the preferred theme 
Green Oval 
Start in module 
Click on the drop down box to select module to be displayed when a user logs-in. The Start Page appears by default 
Yellow Oval 
Maximum number of rows in lists 
Choose the maximum number of rows (entries) to display per page, in a list.

Indigo Oval 
Sort Names by 
Select how names are sorted and displayed in Address Book (based on First Name or Last Name) 
Brown Oval 
Miscellaneous options 
The checks boxes provided can be used to customize sound and pop up settings.
By, default, the boxes are unchecked. The options allow a user to enable/disable pop-up reminders, mute/un-mute sound settings and set up email reminders 
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