Rainmail Server User Guide
Introduction to IFS

Files stored in Rainmail File Server can be accessed from anywhere in the world over the Internet. Rainmail File Server provides a web based application called IFS that enables this feature. Users can login to Rainmail IFS using the URL http://<Rainmail Server Name/IP>/ifs. For example, if Rainmail Server is installed in demo.carizen.in, the URL for accessing IFS would be http:///demo.carizen.in/ifs. If you are not sure what URL to use, please contact your System Administrator. 

The first step to using IFS is to login. Users can login to IFS as follows:

  1. Using a browser, go to your Rainmail Server URL http://<Rainmail Server Name/IP>/ifs.
  2. That will bring up the following screen.

  1. Enter user account name in Login field and account password in Password field. Click on Submit.
  2. It the login is correct, a Welcome page with the list of all shares will be displayed in the browser as follows:

The next few sections give details instructions on working with IFS.

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