Rainmail Server User Guide

Rainmail Server provides modules to end users as well as Administrators. Certain modules can be used by end users and certain modules are applicable only to Administrators. This document is for end users on how to configure and use the facilities provided by Rainmail Server. 

Rainmail modules which are specific to end users are:

  • Email Server
  • Collaboration Suite (Calendaring/Address book/Tasks/Notes)
  • File Server (possibly configured as a PDC)
  • Proxy Server
  • Fax Server
  • VPN Server
  • Chat Server
  • Conferencing

A user account must be created to provide any of the abovementioned facilities to users. The user account not only ensures that the user gets access to the facilities, but also makes sure that unauthorized users are not allowed to access these facilities. A password is associated with every user account. Authorized users need to enter both their account names and passwords to get access to facilities. 

As an end user, you should have been provided an Account name and a password by your Rainmail Administrator. If not, please get the same from your Administrator before proceeding further.

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