Rainmail Server User Guide
Import Addressbook Information

User can import external contacts into Rainmail Webmail. The external contacts can be imported from a file. Supported file formats (for importing are):

  1. CSV (Comma Separated Value)
  2. Tab delimited file
  3. vCard 2.1, and
  4. vCard 3.0

User can import external contacts following these instructions:

  1. Click on Import icon (indicated by a Red Square below)

  1. That will bring up the following Window.

  1. First user has to select the file from which to import the contacts. This can be done by clicking on the Browse button and selecting a file.

  1. From the Choose the format of your import file: edit field, select the import file type. The input file can be of two types:
    • The first row of the File contains the field names (e.g., Name, address, etc.). In this case, choose the format which says first line contains field names.
    • The first tow of the File contains normal address book entry data. In this case, the Choose the order of the fields in your import file (if applicable): list boxes will get activated. User has to enter the exact field in each position using these list boxes.
  2. Choose the Address book in which the Addresses are to be imported and added using the Choose a destination addressbook for the imported data: list box. To add a new address book and add the entries to the address book, select Import to new addressbook...
  3. Click on Import button. The new addresses are imported to the specified address book and listed as follows:

  1. When user selects All Addressbooks, the imported addresses can be seen (as below).

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