Rainmail Server User Guide
File server - Introduction

Rainmail Server includes a File Server. The file server provides storage space for public as well as confidential documents of your users. Files are stored in units called Shares. System Administrators can create shares and allow specific users to access them. Once created, users can store and access files from their Shares. 

Rainmail File Server allows three types of Shares:

  1. Public Share This is a share that can be accessed by any authorized user of the system.
  2. Private Share This is a share that can only be accessed by users authorized by the System administrator.
  3. Home Share This is a share that is available only to the user and not to anyone else. Every user of Rainmail Server has a home share and this is not even visible to other users.

The process of implementing a File Server starts by the administrator planning the number and type of shares. Once the shares are created, users can access the shares in one of the following methods:

  1. From within the WAN/LAN, users can access shares in File server using Windows Explorer.
  2. From anywhere in the Internet/LAN/WAN, users can access shares in File Server using Web based IFS.

In the following sections, we will look at how users can access their files using the above two methods.

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