Rainmail Server User Guide
Export Addressbook Information

Specific addresses can be exported to a file using Web mail as follows:

  1. Click on the Export icon (indicated by a Red Square below):

  1. That will bring up the following Window:

  1. In the Window that comes up, select the addresses to be exported.
  2. An address can be selected by checking the Export box next to the entry.
  3. Multiple entries can be selected as above.
  4. To select addresses in different page,
    • Navigate to the page using the Page navigation icons.
    • Select the addresses in the page.
  5. Select the format in which the addresses are to be exported using Select an export format: list box. Web mail can export the addresses into following formats:
    • vCard v2.1 (vFile)
    • vCard v3.0 (vFile)
    • CSV (Comma Separated Value)
    • Tab Delimited File
  6. Click on Export Now button to initiate the export. Internet browser will display the following Window.

  1. Click on Save to proceed. That will bring up the following Window:

  1. In the File dialog that comes up, specify name of File to be exported as and click on Save. Webmail will save the exported addresses into this file.
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