Rainmail Server User Guide
Email Settings

The E-mail tab in the Settings dialog, displays options for global email settings.

When the E-mail tab is opened, the following screen appears.

Sl. No. 
Indicated by 
Detailed Description 
Red Oval 
Default e-mail program 
This section contains a web link that provides instructions to set-up Rainmail Webmail as your default email client. Click on the web link to access the same 
Green Oval 
Use HTML markup 
By default, this box is Checked. Uncheck the box if composing emails is plain text format is preferred 
Yellow Oval 
Don't show unknown recipient's dialog 
Rainmail displays an "Unknown recipient's" dialog, whenever the recipient(s) of an email are not listed in the Address Book.
Unchecking this box will prevent the dialog from being displayed 
Indigo Oval 
Always request a read notification 
When this option is checked, all outgoing emails will request a read notification from the recipient(s) 
Pink Oval 
Always respond to a read notification 
  • When this option is checked, an automatic response is sent to all incoming emails that are tagged with a read notification request
  • When this option is unchecked, a read notification request dialog pops up for every incoming email that is tagged with the request
Blue Oval 
Enable Touch Interface 
Rainmail Webmail is designed to be like a desktop application by default. For example, user can
  1. Quickly select emails using Ctrl and Shift keys
  2. Use Right Click context menu to act on email(s)
  3. Drag and drop emails to folders to copy
While this is very efficient, some of the keys used (Ctrl key) and muse events (Right click) are not present in devices with Touch interface like IPad, Android tablets, IPhone etc.
In that case, user can Enable Touch Interface. Once enabled, check boxes (like below) appear for selection of emails.

To substitute Right Click, a new More... button appears on the Email bar as follows:

After selecting emails using the Check box, user can click on More... button (indicated by red Oval) and the same menu that appears in the Right click context menu is displayed. 
Brown Oval 
View Attachment Online by Default 
Rainmail Server, when exposed to Internet, allows users to view attachment online rather than downloading them. 38 different types of attachments can be viewed online. This option has to be enabled by Rainmail Administrator.
Once enabled, users can either download their attachments or view it online. The default is to download the attachments.
If user wants to view attachments online by default, this option should be checked. Once this is set, whenever user clicks on an Email attachment, it will be viewed online. 
Orange oval 
SAFENTRIX Spam Reporting Code 
If your organization is using SAFENTRIX to filter SPAM, this option can be used to give SPAM feedback to SAFENTRIX as follows:
  1. Go to https://www.safentrix.com/reportspam/getkey.php, follow the instructions and get a reporting code.
  2. Enter the code in this field.
Once set, whenever SPAM appears in Inbox, user can do the following:
  1. Right click on the SPAM email(s) and select Mark as Spam.
  2. The Spams are deleted from the mail folder.
  3. Feedback regarding this is also sent to SAFENTRIX automatically.
SAFENTRIX team, on receiving the feedback will mark further such emails as SPAM and they will not land up in Inbox. 
Black Oval 
Default font size 
The default font size for display of email content is 12pt.
To resize the display font size, click on the drop-down box and select the size 

The table below summarizes the options available.

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