Rainmail Server User Guide
Edit Stationery

In Rainmail Web mail, users can define email templates (called Stationery) and use them when sending emails. A stationery can be created as follows:

  1. In the User Preference page, click on the Edit Stationery icon (indicated by Red Square below).

  1. That will bring up the following Window

  1. Enter a name for the Stationery in Title: field.
  2. Enter the template text in Stationery Text field.
  3. Click on Save Stationery button. That will save the stationery and display the following Window

  1. A stationery can be Changed/Deleted by clicking on the Edit/Delete button (respectively) in the above Window.
  2. The set of existing stationery can be cleared by clicking on the Clear Stationery icon on top of the Window (as indicated in red below).

  1. Whenever an email is displayed for reading and stationeries are enabled, the application allows user to select a Stationery for reply (as indicated by a Red Oval below):

  1. When chosen, the reply message is populated with Stationery text. This is useful for sending Standard replies to certain emails.
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