Rainmail Server User Guide
Display Preference

Display preferences specify how the Webmail will look like.

Different options in the section are given in the following table

This option guides the overall Look & Feel of Rainmail Web mail. 
Icon set 
This option specifies the icon set used in Webmail bar. Some of the icon set are images and some of them are images with text under them. User can specify the choice from the list box. 
Background Image 
This specifies the background image used by Webmail. 
Background Image repeated 
This check box says whether the Background image is displayed in a tiled manner or just once. 
Font Size 
Specifies the default text font size. 
Date format 
Specifies the default format in which dates are displayed. 
Hour format 
Specifies the format in which time is displayed. The times can be in 12 hour format (1:30PM) or in 24 hour format (13:30) 
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