Rainmail Server User Guide
Create Task

New tasks can be added to a Tasklist in two ways:

  1. Using the Add button
  • Click on the Add button (indicated by the red oval)

  • The Task window appears. The screen displays 3 tabs, namely, Properties, Recurrence and Options. The contents of each tab is explained below

  • The Properties tab is displayed by default. The table below lists the parameters and provides details on the corresponding values to be input

Sl. No. 
Indicated by 
Detailed Description 
Red Oval 
Enter the subject/name of the task to be added. This is a required field 
Black Oval 
Use this drop down box to provide a link to any relevant Groupware entry, namely, Contact, Company, File, Folder, Event or Task.
  • To add a link:
  1. Click on the drop down box next to Link
  2. A new dialog pops up
  1. Select the check box corresponding to the type of link (indicated by the red oval)
  2. Click on the edit box next to Search: (indicated by the pink oval) and type the first few characters of the entry
  3. Click on Search icon
  4. The list of relevant entries appears
  5. Click on the entry you want to provide a link to (indicated by the blue oval)
  6. Press Ok
Purple Oval 
Start at: and Due at: 
Select the Start and Due dates for the task 
Pink Oval 
  • Click on the first drop down box to select the status of the task. The status can be set as Needs Action, Accepted, Delegated, Completed, Declined, Tentative or In progress
  • Click on the second drop down box to update the percentage of completion of the task
Blue Oval 
The drop down box displays the usernames of all the Tasklists the user has access to. Select the username from the list
Note: You can add tasks only to the Tasklists to which you have Create, Write or Manage permissions 
Green oval 
Users can create custom categories for easy classification of tasks. To create categories, refer to section on Task-Categories. Once created, the category list appears in the drop down box. Click on the drop down box to choose the category under which you want to classify the task. 
Brown Oval 
Use the drop down box to select the priority of the task. Priority can be set as Low, Normal, High 
Yellow Oval 
Enter the description for the task in the provided text box 

  • Click on Ok to save the task
  • To schedule a recurring task, click on the Recurrence tab (indicated by the red oval)

  • Select the frequency of recurrence from the drop down box

  • Select the date until which the task has to be repeated

  • Click on Ok
  • To set reminders for the scheduled task, click on Options (indicated by the red oval)

  • Click on the check box next to Remind me and select the date and time for the reminder to arrive

  • Click on Ok
    • A task reminder pops up at the specified time (as shown in the image below). Click on Dismiss or select a time to snooze from the Snooze button


  1. Using the Quick Access bar. Users can use this tool to quickly add tasks to a Tasklist
  • In the edit box included in the Quick Add bar (indicated by the red oval), enter the Subject/Name of the task to be created

  • Click on the drop down box (indicated by the red oval) to select the username/owner of the Tasklist

  • Click on the Calendar icon to select the date for the task

  • Click on the Add button (indicated by the red oval)

  • The newly created task is added to the Tasklist

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