Rainmail Server User Guide
Configuration - Windows Live Mail

In this section, the exact steps to configure Rainmail Email Server on Windows Live Mail 2012 running on a Windows 8 System are given.

  1. Run WLM 2012 by going to the Search icon on your SideBar and typing windows. From the search results click on Windows Live Mail
  2. The following window appears. Click on Accounts (indicated by the red oval)

  1. The following screen appears. Click on Email (indicated by the red oval)

  1. The Add your email accounts dialog appears.
    • In the edit box under Email address: (indicated by the red oval), type your full email address
    • Enter the corresponding password in the Password field
    • Enter your user name in the Display name for your sent messages field (indicated by the green oval)
    • Check the check box next to Manually configure server settings (indicated by the blue oval)
    • Click on Next button

  1. The Configure server settings dialog appears.
    • From the drop down menu listed under Server type: (indicated by the red oval) select IMAP
    • In the edit boxes under Server address (indicated by the green ovals), type the IP address (or) Host name of your Rainmail Server
    • In the Logon user name field, type your user name
    • Check the check box next to Requires authentication (indicated by the blue oval)
    • Select Next

  1. The following confirmation page appears

  1. Click on Finish to complete the process
  2. The first time the program is started, Folders from the server are downloaded and following dialog is displayed

  1. Once the download is complete, emails will be available in Windows Live Mail Client and can be used for sending/receiving emails
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