Rainmail Server User Guide
Compose mail

User can send emails using Web mail application. The first step to sending an email is composing the same. Instructions for composing an email follow:

  1. In the Icon list on the top, click on the New icon (shown below):

  1. That will bring up the following Window.

  1. The above Window can be used for composing and sending emails. We will look at the major features offered by the Compose Window in the following table:
Sl. No. 
Detailed description 
Yellow Oval 
When composing user can set the priority level of the email. This will help the recipient get to important emails quickly. Web mail supports setting of following priorities:
  1. Normal
  2. Urgent
  3. Non-urgent
Red Oval 
To/Cc/Bcc Address completion 
The To, Cc and Bcc enclosed in the Red Oval are actually links and support a feature called Address Completion. Rainmail Server includes a Global address book. Address completion feature helps sender's get the full Email address of a person just by typing a few characters in their email ID. Users can use the feature as follows:
  1. Enter a few characters from Email ID of person in the To/Cc/Bcc edit field.
  2. Click on the To/Cc/Bcc link (immediately to the left of Edit field).
  3. Rainmail Web mail will check the address against Global and personal address book.
  4. If a single matching entry is found, the full Email address will be displayed in the Recipient edit field.
  5. If multiple matching entries are found, Rainmail Web mail will display a Window from which the user can select the addresses.
Pink Oval 
Confirm Reading (Read Receipt) 
Rainmail Web mail allows senders to get a Read receipt when the recipient receives and opens the Email. A sender can request a Read receipt by checking the Confirm Reading check box when composing and sending an email. 
Blue Oval 
Email Attachment 
Users can attach files to Emails as follows:
  1. Click on browse. That will open up the File Upload dialog.
  2. From the File Upload Dialog, select the file to attach.
  3. Click on Add button.
  4. Selected file will be attached.
  5. Multiple files can be attached using the same mechanism.
  6. Once files are attached, they will appear as follows:
  1. Any attached file can be deleted by Clicking on [Delete] link (highlighted by Blue Oval)
Brown Oval 
Send a composed email 
Users can type email text in the Message Window. Once the full email text has been entered, user can send the email by clicking on Send button. 
Green Oval 
Save email to Drafts folder. 
Emails can be saved to the Draft folder while being composed. Once saved, the emails can be retrieved and edited for sending. Emails can be saved to Draft folder by clicking on Save Draft button. 
Black Oval 
Spell Check 
Rainmail Web mail includes a Spell check functionality. This can be invoked by clicking on the Spell Check button. 
  1. After composing the email, when user sends the email, the successful sending is confirmed by a dialog (example provided below):

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