Rainmail Server User Guide
Compose Email

Rainmail's Email application can be used to compose and send emails. The steps given below and the table provided illustrate some of available features. 

To compose an email:

  1. Click on Compose (indicated by the red oval)

  1. The Compose an email message dialog pops up. The table given below explains some of the functionalities available in the Compose an email message window

Sl. No. 
Detailed description 

Rich Text Format 
When composing users can type the body of the message in Rich Text Format. Users can use the feature as follows:
  1. Enter the content of the email message
  2. Select the text
  3. Click on B , I , U
  4. Based on the selection, the selected text will appear in Bold , Italic , Underline
Font Size 
The font size of the selected text in the body of the message can be changed. To change font size:
  1. Enter the content of the email message
  2. Select the text
  3. Click on A^ or Av
  4. Based on the selection, the selected text will appear in increased or decreased font size
Font Color and Text Highlight Color 
Users can change the color of the selected text or highlight the text in the selected color 
Text Alignment 
This feature allows the user to change the alignment of the text in the body of the message. By default, text is aligned to the left 
Insert Hyperlink 
Users can insert a hyperlink at the current cursor position in the body of the message.
  1. Click on Insert Hyperlink button
  2. A dialog box pops up
  3. Type the hyperlink you want to add
  4. Click Ok
  5. The text will appear as a hyperlink
Send a composed email 
Users can type email text in the Message Window. Once composing of the email is complete, users can send the email by clicking on Send button. 
Save email to Drafts folder. 
Emails can be saved to the Draft folder while being composed. Once saved, the emails can be retrieved and edited for sending. Emails can be saved to Drafts folder by clicking on Save button
Additionally, Rainmail auto saves every 5 minutes. Auto saved messages are stored in the Drafts folder. While composing an email, if a user leaves the email session idle and returns to complete the email, the message can be retrieved and edited from the Drafts folder. 
Rainmail by default, displays the From and Send To: fields in the compose window. Users can send CC or BCC copy to recipients. To add a CC and or BCC field:
  1. Click on Show
  2. A menu drops down
  3. Check the box next to CC field or BCC field as per requirement
  4. An edit box for the selected field is displayed in the Compose window
  5. Type the email address of the CC/BCC recipient in the corresponding edit box
The email address of the user appears here. If a user wishes to use an alternate alias refer to section on Manage Alias to configure the same 
Send to 
  1. Enter the first two letters of the recipient email address
  2. A drop down box with the list of matching contacts appears.
  3. Click on the recipient name and the selected contact's email address is added to the Send to: field. Repeat the process for multiple recipients
Type the subject of the email message in the edit box 
Bullets and Numbering 
Clicking on either Bullets or Numbering formats the current text into a bullet or numbered list 
Source Edit 
Click on this button to edit the email content directly using html source code 
Insert Image 
This feature allows a user to insert an image in the body of the email message 
Insert line 
Clicking on this button inserts a horizontal line in the body of the message 
Clean text 
This feature formats the text copy-pasted from Word or other Rich Text applications 
Indent Text 
Users can increase or decrease the indent of the text in the current cursor position 
The selected text can be displayed as a subscript or superscript by clicking on this button 
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