Rainmail Server User Guide
Compose - Spell Check

Rainmail Email includes a Spell Check feature. By using this feature, email messages under composition can be checked for spelling errors. 

The steps given below provide instructions to perform a Spell Check.

  1. Login to Rainmail Email and start composing your email message
  2. Once you have finished typing the text in the body of the message, click on Spell Check button (indicated by the red oval). An example is shown

  1. The following menu pops up. Click on English/American (indicated by the red oval)

  1. The Spell Check dialog appears. The misspelled words are underlined in red. Click on a misspelled word (indicated by the red oval)

  1. A list of suggested spellings appears. Select the correct spelling (indicated by the red oval)

  1. Once the spell check is complete, click on Save button (indicated by the red oval)

  1. The body of the email message reflects the corrected spelling and Spell Check is complete
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