Rainmail Server User Guide
Compose - Extra options

While composing emails , Rainmail Email allows users to request Read Notification, set Priority, enable/disable HTML and encrypt with SMIME.

  • To access these features click on the Extra Options button in the Compose an email message screen
  • The following menu pops up. The table below explains the details of these features.

Sl No 
Indicated by 
Read Notification 
Red oval 
Senders can get a Read receipt when the recipient receives and opens the Email. A sender can request a Read receipt by checking the Request Read Notification check box 
Yellow oval 
Users can set priority for the emails.
  • The priorities can be High, Normal or Low
  • When the email is received in the recipient Inbox, high priority emails will be marked with an exclamation mark
Use HTML markup 
Green oval 
Users can compose emails in Rich Text Format (using HTML markup) or Plain Text format. Rainmail by default allows users to compose using HTML markup. To switch to Plain Text format uncheck the check box next to Use HTML markup 
Encrypt with SMIME 
Blue oval 
Users can send emails securely by digitally signing and encrypting with SMIME 
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