Rainmail Server User Guide
Collaboration Suite - Introduction

Rainmail Collaboration Suite (a.k.a Groupware) is a powerful application that consists of a set of tools to enable teams in organization to work together. Rainmail Groupware allows users to send and receive emails, schedule meetings, create and assign tasks, share documents and create and maintain contacts. Some of the salient features of Rainmail Groupware are listed below.

  • Single sign-on system - With a single user account, a user can access Email, Calendar, Address Book, Tasks and Files applications
  • Access using any of the supported browsers namely, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • Share permissions and accept shared permissions from other users for Email, Tasks and Calendar
  • Upload and share files collaboratively with other members of the organization
  • Customize appearance and user preferences

This section provides detailed instructions to use the Groupware features of Rainmail.

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