Rainmail Server User Guide

Rainmail Web mail allows creation of multiple Local Address books. For example, user can create one address book containing Personal contacts, one containing Professional contacts and one containing Vendors. Multiple address books can be created as follows:

  1. Click on the Books Icon (highlighted in Red Square below):

  1. That will bring up the following Window

  1. Enter the name of new address book to be created in Addressbook Name edit field.
  2. Click on Add button (highlighted by Red Oval). That will create the new address book and bring up the following Window

  1. Once created, user can create entries in the new address book. Entries can also be copied/moved to new address book from the existing address books.


Deleting/Renaming Address books 


User can delete the created address books by clicking on the Delete/Rename button next to the Address book name. 


Importing full Address Books 


An address book can be imported as a single VCF (VCard File). This can be done by clicking on the Download () icon next to the Address book.

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