Rainmail Server User Guide
Addressbook Options

Address book options govern the display and behavior of Address book page.

The following table gives detailed description of above options:

Detailed Description 
Size for Addressbook Window 
Specifies (in pixels) the height and Width of the Address book window. 
Addressbook Button position 
Specified whether the button should be only after the Address book entries (or) before and after the address book entries. 
Addressbook Default filter 
If enabled, only address book entries matching the given rule will be displayed in the Address book. 
Addresses displayed per page 
Specified the number of address book entries that are displayed in one page. 
Display only one line per contact 
If checked, only one line per contact is displayed. 
Default address book sort order 
This specifies how the address book is sorted before being displayed to user. Default is to sort based on Full Name (from A-Z). 
Listview field order 
This specifies in what order to display the various fields associated with an Address book entry. 
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