Rainmail Server User Guide
Address Book-Introduction

The Address Book module of Rainmail Groupware is a convenient tool to store and retrieve contact information. Rainmail offers 5 types of address books, Personal, Global, Customers, Prospects and Suppliers. The Personal address book is private while the rest are accessible by all the users on the Server. By default, users do not have permission to create Address Books. If additional address books are required, contact your System Administrator to activate this feature.

  1. Personal Address Book: The personal address book is exclusive to the owner. Information stored is not accessible to other users unless the owner grants permission. The owner can add and/or delete contacts and company information to/from their personal address book
  2. Global Address Book: Contains contact information of all users on the Server. The Global Address Book is visible to all users. Users do not have permission to edit contacts stored here.
  3. Customers, Prospects and Suppliers: As the names indicate, users can use these address books to classify contacts into customers, prospective customers and suppliers. All users, by default have Read and Write level access.
This section provides instructions to use Address Book module.

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