Rainmail Server User Guide
Adding contacts

Rainmail Chat users need to add other users as Contacts (or Buddies) before chatting with them. Contacts can be added as follows:

  1. Run the Pidgin application and login to Rainmail Chat Server. In the Window that comes up, click on Buddies menu. That will bring up the following Window.

  1. Click on Add Buddy... menu. That will bring up the following dialog.

  1. Enter the full Chat ID of your contact in the Buddy's username: field. This will usually be the account name of the user followed by @ and followed by the full host name of Rainmail Sever (e.g., user@demo.carizen.in).
  2. Click on Add button. The request will go to the user. Once the user authorizes, her name will be visible in the Contacts list as below.

  1. User can start chatting by double clicking on the added user.

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