Rainmail Server User Guide
A/V Conferencing - Login

To use Rainmail Conference, user has to login as follows:

  1. Login to Rainmail Webmail using your username and password
  2. From the Start Page click on the Conference tab (indicated by the red oval)

  1. If everything is normal, the Conference module should load correctly. However, in certain cases where unsigned Digital Certificate is used, users may see a blank page or the Loading page and page may not actually load. In that case, following needs to be done


Browser used 
Google Chrome 
  1. Check to see if the following icon has been displayed on top right corner of Address bar (indicated by Red Oval)
  1. If so, click on the icon (indicated by Red Oval above). That will bring up he following screen
  1. Click on Load unsafe script link (indicated by Red Oval above) and click on Done (indicated by Blue Oval above) if required.
  2. If it still does not appear, Log out and Re-login and click on Conference tab.
Mozilla Firefox 
  1. Disable pop-up blocker
  2. Log out, Re-login and click on Conference tab
  3. Please note that in Firefox, Conference function opens in a new Window/tab.
Internet Explorer 
  1. Check to see if the following warning message is displayed at bottom
  1. If so, click on Show all content button (indicated by Red Oval above).
  2. Click on Conference tab.
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