Rainmail Server Administrator Guide
Taking Manual Backup

Rainmail backup can be taken at any point of time by an administrator as follows:

  1. Open Rainmail Administrator Java GUI
  2. Scroll down to Backup Functions menu on left hand side Window. Then click on Take Backup item under this section. That will bring up the following Window.

  1. Click on Take Backup. That will start taking Rainmail backup. Kindly note that depending on the volume of data, this process could take from anywhere between a few minutes to a few hours. After the full backup is taken, following Window will be displayed:

  1. The backup will be available in one of the following locations:
    • /home/mailservice/backup
    • /usr/share/smb/backup
  2. Please also remember that if the backup is greater than 2GB, the backup will consist of multiple files, each of 2GB each.
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