Rainmail Server Administrator Guide
Rainmail Server R27: What is new?

Rainmail Server is available in two Editions, Standard and Enterprise. Standard Edition has all the functionality required to implement an Intranet in a Small/Medium organization. Enterprise Edition, in addition to the functionality has better Administration and Reporting capabilities. In this section we will present the new features in Standard Edition


Standard Edition 
Email - Improve Scalability 
Implemented authentication caching. Improves performance by 10x when there are large number of users. 
Email - Server Side Filters 
Implemented GUI for SIEVE based server side filters. Filters set using Groupware Webmail will be valid even if user is not logged onto Rainmail. 
Email - HTML Global Signature 
This version supports HTML Global signatures. 
Multiple language support 
Includes Virtual Keyboard that allows input of text in more than 50 Global languages including more than 10 Indian Languages 
Faster / Smaller backup 
Backup process has been converted as follows:
  1. Full backup on Saturday nights
  2. Incremental backup on rest of the days
This makes backups faster and smaller in size. 
Groupware - Web Chat 
Implemented Web based chat for users to send IM to each other by logging onto Rainmail Webmail 
Upgraded Anti Virus/SPAM protection 
Anti Virus/SPAM software has been upgraded to latest version. This makes virus scanning very efficient and enables transparent scanning of Web downloads. 
Groupware – Updated Email Interface 
Groupware Webmail interface has been improved with the following new features:
  1. Touch interface for new generation Tablet/Mobile devices.
  2. Option to view attachment online instead of downloading.
  3. Easy SPAM reporting
  4. Easy SPAM feedback for SAFENTRIX users
  5. Advanced Search facility allows searching through sub-folders/all folders.
Groupware - Files 
Files modules was improved to include
  1. Versioning. By default Rainmail will store 3 older versions of files.
  2. Locking. Rainmail Server allows users to lock a file when sharing the same with a group.
Chat Server – Audio / Video conferencing 
Audio / Video conferencing application with
  1. Audio / Video conference
  2. White board
  3. Ability to share presentation (PPT, DOC, PDF documents)
  4. Share Desktop screen
  5. Group chat
  6. Integration with Rainmail Groupware
is implemented in this version. 
Security Upgrades 
  1. Allow Administrators to specify password policy programmatically.
  2. Specify organization default password
  3. Enable HTTPS, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP by default
  4. Make default access as HTTPS, with a Self signed certificate
  5. Enable Web based Remote access using HTTPS
  6. Restrict Web Administration to LAN/VPN users by default
  7. Firewall updated to latest version
VPN - New SSL based VPN 
Modify VPN to support SSL based VPN. Rainmail VPN offers the following features:
  1. Works on standard ports 443, 80
  2. Dual authentication or users, Digital Certificate as well as username/password.
  3. Works through normal HTTP/HTTPS proxy
  4. Multi device/OS (IPad, Android, IPhone, Windows Phone, Linux, Windows 8) clients
  5. Group policies to define the access a VPN user has.
  6. Ability to allocate Static IP to connected VPN users
  7. Multiple instances with auto-processor distribution to handle multi core processors.
  8. Windows VPN Client auto installer with Standard as well as Service installs.
  9. Scalable to 8192 simultaneous users on a single server and more on a cluster setup.
  10. Support scalability using Load balancers
  11. Support for NAT/routing mode
  12. Support for Port sharing
Mobile Synchronization 
Added support for access of Emails as well as Global address book in mobile devices using
  1. IMAP
  2. Mail for Exchange / ActiveSync
Bug fixes/Version updates. OS has been updated to the latest available version, 5.10 
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