Rainmail Server Administrator Guide
Rainmail Server - Product

Rainmail Server consists of the following modules: 


  1. Email Server Allows users to communicate with other users using Email. Supports access/sending emails using IMAP, POP3, SMTP and Web mail. Provides features like Quota, Mail Forwarding, Auto reply, Advanced search and Mail filters. In addition, Emails can be accessed from any Mobile device/Tablets using built in Email clients.
  2. Proxy Server Allows administrator to Monitor and restrict Internet access. Web based log analyzer gives detailed report on Internet usage. Internet access can be restricted based on
    • Time
    • User
    • Group
    • Site name
    • Category (e.g., Webmail, News, etc.)
  3. Firewall Protects organization Networks from external threats. By default, blocks all packets from outside and allows all packets from inside to outside. Allows specification of advanced rules and supports NAT, DNAT, SNAT, Static NAT, Port redirection and DMZ
  4. Gateway Anti Virus/SPAM Protects internal network against Virus and SPAM originating from outside the network.
  5. VPN (Virtual Private Network) Allows users to access applications in the organization Network securely from outside over Public Internet. Supports industry standard SSL VPN protocol and can be deployed in a Client-to-site or site-to-site configuration.
  6. File Server Allows user to log into the Desktop using a single Account name/password. Provides centralized, secure and backed up storage for users to store documents and other important files.
  7. Web Server Aids in creation of a Intranet portal where users can access company wide documents, procedures and policies.
  8. Chat Server Allows users to
    • Send Instant messages/chat with other users of the system
    • Have a complete Audio/Video conference and do Webinars.
  9. Fax Server Provides paperless faxing by allowing users to
    • Receive faxes in their Inbox as an Email attachment, and
    • Send faxes right from their Desktop by simply printing the document.
  10. Dial in Server Allows users to connect to the organization Network using a Modem and by dialing over a phone line.
  11. Bandwidth Aggregator Allows Rainmail to use multiple Internet lines simultaneously. By default, bandwidth provided by the lines are aggregated. If any of the Internet lines fail, traffic is automatically routed to active lines without any interruption.
  12. Collaboration Suite/Groupware This suite of products allows a team of users to Collaborate and work in a team. Specific products in the Suite are:
    • Calendaring/Scheduling Allows users to see other's schedule and fix meetings.
    • Task Management Allows users to maintain and manage their list of tasks. Also allows users to delegate tasks to others.
    • Notes Enables users to organize their Notes (like Minutes of meeting) and share with other users.
    • Address book Enables user to organize their Contacts and share with other users.
    • Files Provides a safe storage for User documents.
    • In Addition, the Enterprise Edition has the following additional modules.
    • Ticket Management Allows organizations to streamline their Technical Support/Customer Support and Help desk system.
    • Projects A project management tool that allows users to create projects, track their status and get various status reports.

Clients can choose any set of modules to implement.

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