Rainmail Server Administrator Guide
Pre-Installation Check List

Prior to installing Rainmail Server, some steps may need to be performed. This section explains the same:

  1. Recent versions of Rainmail Server are compatible with Cent OS 5.10. After installing Cent OS 5.10, the following additional steps need to be done before installing Rainmail.
    • Mount the Rainmail Server CD
    • In the CD, there will be a directory called RIS-R27-cos5.10
    • Copy this folder as well as all directories under it to /root directory and execute the following commands:
      1. cd /root/RIS-R27-cos5.10
      2. rpm -i sharutils-4.6.1-2.i386.rpm
      3. bash icscos5.10_R27_pre.sh
    • Please note that after Rainmail Installation is over, Administrator needs to run the icscos5.10_R27_post.sh script in this directory and then reboot.
  2. If Rainmail Server is deployed in legacy mode (using a Dialup Internet connectivity), following checklist ensures that various systems that Rainmail Server depends on is working. If any step fails, you can talk to your hardware vendor to make sure that the hardware is functional.
    • In a new console (either xterm or a normal screen console), check that the modem device file exists by typing in ls -al /dev/modem.
    • If the system says that the file is not found, modem has not been installed on your machine.
    • Find out the COM (Serial) port the modem is connected to. Then create a link from the modem device to that COM port. Suppose the modem is connected to port COM1, you can create a modem device file by using the command ln -s /dev/ttyS0 /dev/modem.
    • After making sure that the modem device file /dev/modem is present, you can test if modem is working by using minicom. Type in minicom in a shell. minicom will try to initialize the modem and output the result of initialization. If you see the lines OK, your modem setup has been correct so far.
    • Try dialing out by typing ATDP<PHONENUMBER> where <PHONENUMBER> is a phone number you know.
    • You might have to replace ATDP with ATDT if your phone only supports Tone dialing.
    • If the modem dials out, the test has been successful.
    • For further help on minicom, you can press Ctrl-A, x.
    • To quit minicom, you can press Ctrl-A, z and then x.
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