Rainmail Server Administrator Guide
Installation - Introduction

Rainmail Server comes with the following:

  1. DVD This contains Common Enterprise Linux Operating system (aka CentOS). As on date, the version supplied is 5.10. Cent OS is a clone of the Redhat Enterprise Linux,with the branding removed. The OS needs to be installed on the Hardware using this DVD before installing Rainmail Server.
  2. CD This contains Rainmail Server Software.
  3. License letter For new installations, a License letter is also enclosed. Rainmail Server consists of many modules and depending on the modules purchased, a License is generated and provided. This license validates the Installation. License key is dependent on the following:
    • Set of modules purchased,
    • Domain name for the Installation, and
    • Number of users.
    • The license letter gives the above information.

You will require all the above to proceed with the Installation. If you have not got any of the above components, please contact Carizen Technical Support.

  1. If Email service/Backup Email service from Carizen has been purchased, the License letter will also include the following:
    • Mail Server IP/Host name This is the server from which the Rainmail Email Server will download incoming emails. This is also the server using which outgoing emails can be sent (if required).
    • Mail Server Account name Carizen provides email services based on a Catchall account. All incoming emails will be redirected to a single mail box. Rainmail Email Server can then download all emails from this single box and distribute it locally. This provides the account name of the mail box to download.
    • Mail Server Password This provides the password using which the incoming emails can be downloaded from the mail box.
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