Rainmail Server Administrator Guide
Hardware Requirements

Rainmail Server is installed on a Server class machine. The configuration of server required is dependent on the number of users and can be calculated as per the following table. The table is given assuming all the modules are installed on the same machine.

Example (1000 users) 
Processor - Intel Xeon/Core2Duo 
Minimum: Dual Core
Additional Cores required = (Number of users) / 500
Total Required = 2 + (Number of users) / 500 
Dual Core 
2 + 2 = 4 Core 
Minimum: 2GB
Additional RAM required = 15MB per user.
Total RAM required = 2 + (Number of users * 15) / 1024 GB. 
Hard Disk 
Minimum: 40GB
Additional HDD required depends on quota per user.
Total HD space required = 40 + (Number of users * Quota per user) 
= 40 +(1000 * 0.5GB)
= 540GB 
Network Cards 
  1. Deployed as a Node: 1
  2. Deployed as a Gateway with 1 ISP line: 2
  3. Deployed as a Gateway with N ISP lines: N + 1
Kindly note that to implement scenario (2), Rainmail Firewall module must be present. To implement scenario (3), Rainmail Firewall and Bandwidth Aggregator must be present. 
Fax Modem 
If Rainmail Fax Server is present, following additional components are required:
  1. Fax Server is installed with one phone line
    • Linux compatible Fax Modem - 1
  2. Fax Server is installed with N phone lines
    • Linux compatible Fax Modems - N
    • Multiport Serial card having at least N slots - 1 No.
DVD Drive 
DVD drive is required to Install software/patches. 
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